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“Five Things I Liked This Week” is an idea cheerfully stolen from Hugh Garry via Whatleydude, because it’s a lovely way to share on a regular basis. Thanks boys!

1) Lisa Knapp – “I Wish My Love Was A Cherry”

After first hearing Lisa’s gorgeous vocals in Gerry Diver’s “Speech Project” I found this gem on her YouTube channel. Gives me tingles.

2 ) “Believe In Peace” – the new album from Steve Lawson

Created completely off the cuff in response to Geoff Bush’s I Ching inspired art exhibit in Minneapolis last summer, this is some of the most creative improv, dextrous looping and just plain beautiful music around right now, and it’s created a gorgeous soundtrack to my first week of the year. 1/3 of all the money raised goes to human rights charity Reprieve, too, so go get it.

3) “10 Things I Learnt In Costa Rica” – Dan Burgess

I worked on a video project for Dan’s company Pipeline some time ago and have followed his escapades since with interest. He’s just returned back to the UK after 8 months living in a treehouse in Costa Rica with his young family and has some gems of insight to share in this beautiful blog post. It’s a timely read for me; I’ve been doing a lot of work over the last couple of weeks towards restructuring my days and weeks to allow myself the time and tools to be the healthiest, calmest, most well rested and actively creative person possible and having made a good start so far this January reading Dan’s post has encouraged me to really prioritise this nourishment of my inner self. 2012 is all about balance.

4) “Subject of Distance and Design” – Ryan Elwood Hoop Demo

Since I started hooping a couple of years ago I’ve watched an extremely lively scene really explode in to the mainstream, and a big reason for that has the proliferation of hooping demos and tutorials online. As the boundaries of object manipulation have been pushed further and further by the most talented and hardest working hoopers so have the scope of the videos, so I love how Ryan’s hooping in this video not only shows off some gorgeously fluid motion and generally kick ass moves, but is presented within the context of New York City’s busy pavements, finding its place among the jostling crowds and contrasting with immutable stone monuments.

5) Terry Gilliam “On Ideas, Unlearning And Avoiding Debt” –

A lovely interview from one of the most unabashedly inventive filmmakers of our time, discussing his creative process and the three Ps he recommends to all artists – “Perseverance, patience, pigheadedness”.

Other things I liked this week included:
taking my camera everywhere with me
– using an Ommwriter Dana / Pomodoro combo to complete 25 minutes of stream of consciousness writing every day
– watching hair tutorials on YouTube and trying new things out

How’s 2012 treating you so far?

January Face #1

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