Blog : Three weeks to launch: decisions, decisions

Three weeks to launch: decisions, decisions

In three weeks time, on Friday 1st May, I will be launching my new solo music project.

Last summer, I decided the name She Makes War no longer motivated me to make things. When I started out, I felt like it was little old me proving myself to the faceless, unfriendly world, but over a decade of playing gigs and sharing songs with an ever more receptive audience proved it was a group endeavour all along.

The people on my mailing list and beyond have powered the making of my music since the very first Bandcamp pre-order for “Disarm” in 2010, via crowdfunders for “Little Battles”, “Direction Of Travel” and “Brace For Impact”, the pre-order for the “Butterflies Audiovisual EP”, the 2019 Supersub Club, the “And Peace” album, tees and career-spanning hardback lyric books (of which only one remains, look!) and everything in between.

In a world where streaming is now the norm, and many indie artists can’t imagine a future where they could do what they do best on a full time basis, YOU got “Brace For Impact” to #47 in the actual real life UK pop midweek charts between Oasis and Ed Sheeran, and to #15 in the independent albums chart by the end of that week. Supersub Club members supported me to hunker down to work on new music daily from last February, and cheered me on for a whole year.

It’s been quite a ride. THANK YOU.

In three weeks’ time I will be sharing my new name, a song from my forthcoming new album and an invitation to join my new members’ club, with free and paid analogue/digital tiers plus a relaxing, private online space to hang out and chat about art and feelings and whatnot.

I’m thinking of it as a more open cross between a Patreon and a crowdfunding campaign but, having outlasted Pledge (and MySpace and Tunited and the rest!) I will be administering it myself from my whizzy new website, keeping your contributions and your data completely safe.

I wrote more about my upcoming plans, the timeline and the reasons why I’m doing things this way in a secret blog post recently – click here to read it (enter the password tic31).

We are living through strange and frightening times, and I have deliberated long and hard over whether sticking to my deadlines is the right thing to do. I have vacillated between feeling like music making is the most privileged, frivolous thing a person can indulge in and knowing that aside from keeping myself and others safe by staying home, it’s the only tangible thing I can contribute.

Over the past decade I’ve transitioned my way very slowly from cramming multiple freelance projects and casual jobs into my work week to recently becoming a full time music maker. I couldn’t have done this without you – besides a short period working with a manager a few years ago, this project has always been entirely independent (and independently funded). At the most fundamental level, this is my only job, my only option.

It’s an uncertain time for everyone. With a furloughed husband at home and the knowledge that I, like many mixed-self-employed-and-PAYE-workers, fall through the cracks of the recently announced government grants system, it’s an emotionally difficult time. It’s hard to admit such selfish concerns when so many people are sick and dying, but on the other hand, the urge to protect yourself and your family from harm is sensible and natural. Amidst the chaos I feel so fortunate to have music to focus my energies on, on good days and bad.

And so, given the choice between staring listlessly at the news all day or trying to do the things I’m best at (on the days that I feel up to it), I choose completing this record and continuing to share musical moments with you.

Amanda Palmer tweeted something profound the other day that really helped put things into perspective:

I’m owning it. Next Friday I’ll tell you a little bit more about what’s going on. In the meantime, I am sending healthiest, warmest well wishes to you and yours.

With love and the utmost respect and gratitude,
Laura xxx

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11 thoughts on “Three weeks to launch: decisions, decisions

  1. Jen says:

    I’m looking forward to your announcement and what comes next!

    Things are weird right now. I’ve experienced all the stages of grief over the past few weeks (including feeling guilty about still having a job and yet feeling like what I do is completely unimportant considering what’s going on) — it’s been exhausting. It’s definitely helped having technology and social media there to help me keep in contact with people.

    And having things to look forward to (like your announcement) helps, too

    1. Laura Kidd says:

      Thank you, Jen!! You’re so right about the stages of grief bit – I was thinking about that a lot a couple of weeks ago. Denial, bargaining…I don’t know if I’ve got to acceptance yet or ever will…and you’re right, it *is* exhausting. Hugs upon hugs for you xx

  2. Hugo Camacho says:

    Hi, Laura:
    I find AFP’s quote very inspiring as well. You are an artist and we need you job. This confinement has proven that we all need artists more than ever, and it’s because of you job that we’re making it through these confusing times. And that stands true for more “normal” times aswell. You are offering what you do to sustain your family and we’re going to accept the exchange and give you money for it because it’s a capitalist society and everyone gets paid for their job. When’s the best time to release something? Who knows? We’ve never been in a situation like this. If you feel like releasing it now, go ahead. If you don’t, then wait. All answers are correct because there is no wrong answer. Only time can tell, and maybe it doesn’t.
    Ans on a personal level, I’ll probably be still confined by May 1st, and I’m superexcited to see what you have in store for us, so you’ll be making me superhappy.

    1. Hugo Camacho says:

      *your job*
      I forgot how to write in English!

      1. Laura Kidd says:

        Well, my Spanish is non-existent so thanks you for your perfectly great English! And thank you for your kind words. It was always so fun sending postcards to you in Tarragona, it made me think of the lovely scent of tarragon of course. I value the connections music makes, and am so grateful to be in touch with all of you. And I’m delighted to be making you happy, yay! xx

  3. Justin Messenger says:

    Hi Laura, looking forward to the new name launch, will definitely be supporting you via the members site, sounds a bit like Thea Gilmore’s now extinct Angels site which I was a member of, I still support her on patreon, she is still fabulous. It was through Thea that I found your music, and subsequently you have introduced me to the likes of Skating Polly who blew my mind last year in London, you were on top form as well, that was my fave gig of last year. It’s nice to have stuff like this to look forward to in these uncertain times, keep doing what your doing, humanity needs art in all its forms, it’s what gives life meaning.

    1. Laura Kidd says:

      Thanks so much for the ongoing support, Justin, it means so much to me! Yay Thea, I think she’s 100% fantastic and I’m so pleased her Patreon is going well. Onwards, most definitely x

  4. Dave Mackie says:

    Thank you so much for the update and sounds Laura. Absolutely keep on doing what you do. I really look forward to supporting your work going forward. Take care and final thanks for sharing Amanda’s sage words; in the curent maelstrom they are truly ones to abide by.

    1. Laura Kidd says:

      Thanks so much, Dave! I saw Amanda’s tweet at precisely the right moment, it only seemed fair to pass that onto others 😀 Looking forward to sharing new music in two weeks wooooooo x

  5. Neil Monaghan says:

    Hi Laura, music is very important to me, even more so at the moment. Currently going through Chemotherapy, I’ve been in self imposed isolation for 9 weeks already. During this time I’ve been listening to lots of stuff most of the day, when not sleeping. I was a little late to your party, on recommendation by Tanya Donnelly. I love your music and I am thoroughly looking forward to your development of new material. I will try to support any of your projects whenever I can and really hope to see you live after all is settled down. Best of luck, Neil x

    1. Laura Kidd says:

      Thank you so much, Neil. I hope you’re feeling ok today – I can’t imagine what it must feel like going through all that, with all of this chaos on top of it. I’m so glad music is helping! Let’s make sure to catch up at a gig before too long. Stay safe and take care x

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