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“Slow Puncture” is one of those tracks being updated. The original, a fluttery acoustic track with gothic undertones, has been transformed. Stark textures and raw nerves have been smoothed into an atmospheric, layered descent into the rabbit hole. Chimes, keys, thundering guitars, and polished harmonies all orbit the track’s emotive core, getting ever closer as the track unfolds, until everything connects and erupts in a powerful burst of noise – it’s hard to say if one’s ‘better’ than the other, but this 2015 version certainly packs an almighty punch.

~ Laurence Day, The Line Of Best Fit.

Disarm:15 is no cobbled-together attempt to “reissue, repackage, repackage”, as Kidd treats the songs to a fresh perspective. This makes for a superior version of the excellent I Am, which now unites a thunderous distortion with the carnival melodies of Princess Chelsea, while Slow Puncture sounds thicker, fuller and imbued with the bloody-eyed misery of PJ Harvey.

Damien Girling ~ Songwriting Magazine.

Bursting with sonic ambition and adventure…genuinely thrilling…her voice has never sounded more crystal clear. Whilst the charm of the originals still shines through clearly, the songs are now far more fleshed out, expansive and ambitious in their scale without losing any of the genuine intimacy that Laura creates with her music.

~ Even The Stars.

“Disarm:15” is a brilliant EP filled with grungy, gloom pop vibes and dream pop vocals. The progression Kidd’s made since her debut and leading up to this EP feels polished and complete. The most recent single “ghostsandshadows” rounds off the release perfectly, allowing us a look into Laura’s intricate thoughts.

~ Zara Hoffman, The Vinyl District.

Recorded with a fresh perspective, new single ‘Ghosts And Shadows’ is a delicate, yet subtly powerful, offering. Oozing soulful vocals, with shades of PJ Harvey, it’s an emotive track filled with sweeping harmonies. It’s simple, yet resonant.

~ Mari Lane, Gig Slutz.

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