Blog : “Do you really want to hurt me” – my dramatic take on the Culture Club classic is out now!

“Like Cash’s “Hurt” it will be a cover to judge all other covers” – Melographic

“Making A Boy George song sound like an indie-grunge stormer with wall-of-sound guitars is no mean feat so get yourself all over this, pronto” – Listen With Monger

I’m very pleased to announce that my new single “Do you really want to hurt me” is out now!

Click here to read more about the song and here for direct links to buy/stream/share. It’s available everywhere you get your digital music except for Bandcamp and Soundcloud, due to copyright issues.

Don’t miss out on the second pressing of the two track CD single – 1) “DYRWTHM” and 2) “I Want My Country Back”. The first two editions sold out in 8 days so go go go!

“In a time when hard fought for freedoms are in danger of being reversed and eroded and people still live in fear of persecution and violence every day for the “crime” of being themselves, it’s not enough for straight white liberals to pat themselves on the back for not being part of the problem – it’s way beyond time we become active allies. This single is a celebration of individuality, a tribute to an inspirational performer and my deliciously dark take on a bloody brilliant pop song”.

Massive thanks to Steve Lamacq at BBC 6 Music, Adam Walton at BBC Radio Wales, John Kennedy at Radio X and Jimmy Eff at Radio Tamworth for early radio support.

I recorded the song last May during the second batch of recording days for my upcoming new album. The idea was to challenge myself to completely reimagine a classic pop song in my own style, respecting it enough to hold onto the emotional core of the song but not being afraid to throw a few twists and turns in along the way. Enjoy!


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