Press : Drunken Werewolf Interviews She Makes War

Drunken Werewolf Interviews She Makes War“Laura Kidd is inspirational. That much is clear after only ten minutes of internet browsing. She and her project She Makes War dominate social networking sites, music blogs and Google, thanks in no small part to 2010’s debut Disarm.

Originally self-released, this summer the album’s reissue has rightfully caught the attention of every music journalist within a hundred mile radius of its lucrative glow.

But chilling Grrrl lo-fi isn’t all Ms Kidd has up her sleeves. She’s also a self-confessed film nerd, and adorns her fans with music videos and handmade merchandise at every available opportunity. All of this, and she is but one woman.

To celebrate her successes and discuss her as-of-yet untitled sophomore, DrunkenWerewolf’s Tiffany Daniels took the opportunity to talk to Laura this August.”

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