Press : From Shostakovich to Ince – interview with Big Issue North 9/10/18

Big Issue North asked me about my musical evolution and most surreal experience…read the full interview here to find out!

The ongoing desire to shape and share stories through creating my own world of music, making sense of my life experiences through lyrics and communing with others at my live shows. Everyone wants to feel they’re not alone in the world, to be seen and heard; music is the language I use to do that.

The moment I finished making my first album and all the swirling ideas, instrumental parts and lyrics finally made sense, and worked, I felt certain I was making the music that suited me the best. In the albums since then I’ve built on that style – a curious blend of my love of grunge riffs and Britpop melodies, with a voice carefully and purposefully showing my Britishness – reluctant as that usually is.

“being exposed to Shostakovich and John Williams at a young age must have had an effect – or my love of The Beatles, ELO and Radiohead. Every note means something to me and I hope that emotional resonance comes out in the finished production.”

I’ve been playing in bands for a long time and have never supported the heavy drinking culture around touring, the pathetic adolescent behaviour of grown musicians in dressing rooms or the food waste and resulting bins full of single use plastics. Now I’m touring with a band rather than solo I feel responsible for making sure they’re comfortable and well fed, but having bottles of booze all over the stage is antithetical to how I Iive and what I’m trying to convey with my music.