I Want My Country Back

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  1. I Want My Country Back


“I Want My Country Back” is a roar of defiance and a heartfelt plea to my fellow British citizens to unite against the deafening rhetoric of the other peddled in the mainstream press.

I’m so tired of the racist, xenophobic nonsense we’re pelted with daily, particularly in relation to the international refugee crisis and immigration in general. The song’s title and chorus twist the phrases we’ve heard so much in recent times away from the right wing, send-them-all-home mentality towards encouraging people to have compassion for those from other backgrounds, and to consider sharing the great privileges we enjoy just by accidentally being born in this country.

Laura Kidd – She Makes War
Bristol, May 2017

Produced by Laura Kidd, engineered & mixed by Dan Austin.
All instruments by Laura Kidd except drums by Dan Whitfield.

Recorded at J&J Studios, Bristol.