Press : Interview with Great Central 19/4/18

Thank you to Great Central for interviewing me ahead of my full band slot at Handmade Festival next month – read the full interview here.

“Ultimately, making music has to be for reasons that will sustain you and nourish you as an artist. If you’re focused on getting famous and earning lots of money you’ll probably be disappointed, but if you can find things to love in the daily hustle to create your best work and share it with people then you’ll have a life filled with magic.”

“Artists have to decide what works best for them. If my first album had been picked up by the world then I’d have made different records afterwards than the ones I made, and my life would be different. It’s impossible to know whether I’d be better off than I am now, so it’s not something I waste time wondering about! I will say that whether you decide to shop your early stuff to labels or not, developing a relationship with music fans from the very start is key. Talk to people at shows, get to know the people who love what you do, start an email list and stay in touch with them. Don’t rely on social media – that’s just a way to discuss the real stuff which is the art. My priority is living a creative life. I intend to keep making albums until I’m an old lady so it doesn’t really matter how well it’s going at this exact moment. I’m playing a long game and building a body of work that I’m proud of.”