Press : Interview: On crowdfunding “Direction Of Travel” – NARC Magazine

The campaign has funded a third album that sounds more polished without losing any of Kidd’s usual electro-rock edge. Direction Of Travel draws from her somewhat nomadic childhood (“the concept of ‘home’ has always been an obsession of mine”) and shrouds it in a grungy, electronically tinged soundscape, with a few more quieter ukulele moments breaking up Kidd’s usual powerful fuzz.

With so much talent on board, it’s not hard to see how far Kidd has come since releasing her first album, Disarm, in 2010. “Disarm gave me the confidence to really throw everything into this project creatively,” Kidd remembers, “and I feel that travelling around performing my own songs for the last five years has allowed me to blossom as an artist and as a person.” Even with the amount of outside support she’s gathered and continues to receive, Kidd is still very much in charge of her music. “I’m producing my new album myself, so I’m getting to present this new music exactly how I want to.”

~ Eugenie Johnson, NARC Magazine.