Press : “Little Battles” Press Roundup 11/4/12


The Line Of Best Fit

“Although Kidd occasionally draws from the layered and looped textures she uses live, the composition and tempestuous nature of Little Battles are what make this release interesting. Drawing from sobriety (‘Butterflies’), emotional disconnect (‘Delete’ and ‘Magpie Heart’) and brutally honest confession (‘In This Boat’), even at her most revealing Kidd is an empowering force to be reckoned with.”

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Hear! Hear!

She Makes War’s Little Battles is already the most innovative rock record of the year, an album which plays well from front to back because of the artist’s intense commitment to tying each of these tiny masterpieces together into a cohesive whole. Each song works well on its own, but they rise to fuller heights as the individual pieces of a bigger puzzle. This album deserves to be the topic of every conversation about amazing, genre-bending music this summer. Here’s hoping She Makes War finds the audience it richly deserves.

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9/10 from Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot

“If Florence Welch is the Greatest Woman In Rock of All Time, as voted by the cloth eared, imbecilic listeners of XFM, you could be forgiven for assuming that all the genuinely talented female musicians from this fair isle must have all given up and pissed off somewhere, leaving us to rot in the Florence/Jessi J/Lady Gaga hell that we undoubtedly deserve. Fortunately for us then, multi-instrumentalist Laura Kidd has decided to stick around with her solo project She Makes War to show us the error of our ways.”

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“This is a gentle but powerful album with a unique sound. Laura Kidd has created a beautiful sound scape on this album from the thumping beat of ‘Exit Strategy’ to the ethereal ‘Magpie Heart’. It almost feels like a dream as the songs wash over into your consciousness.

There are no immediate comparisons to make as She Makes War don’t sound like anyone else around right now – Laura Kidd is extremely talented and Little Battles shows her talent in all it’s colourful glory.”

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The Crack

“a feisty indie/rock affair with plenty of curve-ball charm provided by added ukulele, autoharp, melodica, piano, violin AND MORE. It’s also angsty, heartfelt, vulnerable, raw and occasionally strays into quite beautiful territories.”

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The Watercooler War Tour vBlog featured on The F-Word Blog

“A novel concept, the short documentary of the days events reveals Kidd to be a brave and resourceful performer who comes across as unpretentious and likeable.”

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“Magpie Heart” is Track Of The Day at The VPME

“A desperate plea to a fickle lover ? A bitter admonishment and dissection of their capricious heart? Possibly, but whatever the meaning it’s a tightly coiled musical tour de force which has almost as many twists and turns as “The Usual Suspects” and has more than whet our appetites for the new album.”

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Band of the Week on the Odd Girl Out Blog

“A one-woman operation, She Makes War makes lush, moody pop music and is a mistress of multi-tasking, juggling guitar, loop pedal and uke.”