Minefields 1
  1. Minefields
  2. Slow Puncture – Live At BWA#1
  3. Minefields – Live At BWA#1

“Minefields” is a song about emotional danger and learning to trust your gut. I wanted to celebrate it being the second single off my new album “Little Battles” by making it a bit more deluxe, so the song was accompanied by an entire live set from a night I started in early 2012 called “Breakfast With Apollo”, part of my quest to promote collaboration and community building amongst DIY musicians.

Produced by Laura Kidd and Myles Clarke at Studio B, London Fields. Mixed by Myles Clarke and mastered by Dick Beetham.

All music, lyrics and instruments by Laura Kidd except drum programming by Myles Clarke.

Ben McLees from [this is radio silence] – additional guitar and vocals on “Let This Be”
Otti Albietz – vocals on “Shields And Daggers”, guitar and vocals on “In This Boat”
The McCarricks – cello and violin on “Slow Puncture” and “Minefields”
Milly McGregor – violin on “In This Boat” and “Slow Puncture”