Blog : My band’s bigger than your band – “I Want My Country Back” part 2!

I’m delighted to present the second video for my latest single “I Want My Country Back”, which has so far been described as “an awesome, astute, subversive, catchy political PROTEST song”, “a hard-hitting tune, dripping in riffs, that’s an ear-worm and uplifting” with “massive melodies”, for fans of Weezer, Veruca Salt, Green Day, Belly, Lush and The Breeders. Thanks to everyone who’s supported this song so far!

Click here for all the links to stream or download the song…and now…DRUMROLL…..


As I mentioned last week when I posted the uplifting slogan video for this song, the song isn’t just about *my* opinion, so it made sense to invite as many other people as possible along to be a part of the video. I needed people to hold up slogans of their choice (which led to there being an entire video made up of those messages) and get on stage with me.

I was very pleased to welcome leading Bristol post-rock pals Thought Forms as one of the bands who play with me in the video, featuring Deej Dhaliwal on guitar, Guy Metcalfe on drums and none other than Jim Barr (Get The Blessing, Portishead) on bass. Guitarist Charlie Romijn kindly stepped in on bass in *my* backing band too along with Ryan Gleeson on guitar and Amelia Pereira (Ghost Of The Avalanche) on drums. The other two bands were made up of volunteers who responded to my shout outs for guest musicians, and what a brilliant job they all did.

Since I released this single on May 19th there have been two terrorist attacks in the UK which have devastated families and had a powerful effect on so many more around the country and the world. We live in turbulent, terrifying, heartbreaking times, and though one song can’t be expected to change the world, we can only ever do our best with the tools we have.

I’d really appreciate your help getting the word out about this song by sharing the video link, this blog post or sending people to the special “I Want My Country Back” microsite.

Thank you so much for supporting me by listening, reading, watching and sharing.

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