Blog : New video for “ghostsandshadows” (Disarm:15) + the story behind the song

Two weeks ago I released my first video in two years…then my blog broke and I couldn’t tell you about it! Everything seems to be working again so here I am to let you know the video for the new version of “ghostsandshadows” from the new “Disarm:15” EP is online now. The EP features 5 songs from my debut album “Disarm” completely re-recorded and re-imagined – you can listen to the whole thing here.

I wrote the song 10 years ago, in the depths of recurring bouts of sadness and distress after a university friend was tragically killed walking home late at night. I’d attended a counselling session care of the NHS but just wasn’t ready to talk through it all – I remember having this weird feeling that by sharing my pain we’d talk it away somehow, making good something that should never be okay. And so I wrote this song to wallow a little, and to justify my decision to myself. Was it a good decision? Perhaps, perhaps not. I think being honest with your feelings, analysing them and hopefully getting perspective really helps you grow as a person, so I’d always recommend going to talk to someone if your problems are getting bigger than you can cope with. If you’re in need of a friendly ear, The Samaritans do a wonderful job.


I shot the video on my own a few weekends ago in my little music room at home in Bristol. I hung a sheet of sequinned material up on the wall with some Manfrotto clamps, an old shower curtain rail and some sticky tape and set up my tripod. The travel footage that plays throughout was shot out of Deutsche-Bahn train windows on my last tour of Germany in May; I used a wonderful app called Hyperlapse which shoots stop frame and makes everything look very smooth.


We’re all made up of our memories and experiences, good and awful, and all we can ever do is try to muster the courage to carry on. It’s something I come back to all the time in my songwriting, especially on my forthcoming new album “Direction Of Travel”. In this video I wanted to show that there’s so much more to a person than what you see on the surface. I hope you enjoy watching.



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