Blog : New Year: New Album – listen now!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I just put a teaser clip of killer choruses from my new album online and I’d love you to have a listen:

I really need your help finishing and releasing this record – there are just 28 days left to help me reach my target and lots of great souvenirs to choose from (newly reorganised for busy eyes), so I’d appreciate you taking a look.

One of the most exciting is the 1 year “Magical Mystery Music Subscription” where just 100 people can get exclusive unreleased tracks in a quarterly music and art bundle. I can’t wait to make the first one!

If you’ve already pledged – thank you so much!and would like to help by spreading the word to friends and followers online, the teaser track is also up on Soundcloud for easy embedding into posts.

Crowdfunding is about way more than selling someone a CD on pre-order, it’s a way to invite music fans backstage and open a direct line of communication back and forth, sharing the stories around the songs, the recording process and the entire album release. You can access many of the updates so far via this tab on the Pledge page even if you haven’t pledged yet.

I’ve made my best album yet and I’m so excited to share it with you all, thanks so much for your support.

Laura xo

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