Press : Oliver Arditi Reviews “Disarm”

“The characters in these songs speak from a variety of perspectives, often from within the desolation and inertia of a failed relationship. Their statements are never glib, and the songs are never so naïve as to offer closure. This is not to say they are depressing or hopeless; their scenarios ring true, and real situations are always in flux, always offering the possibility of change for the better or the worse…There is something fundamentally life affirming about this music, not in spite of, but because of its clinically unsentimental examination of the inner lives of believably damaged, lonely characters.

Very few people write dark songs of broken love with anything like this maturity, perceptiveness and depth, and still convey a sense of vulnerable youthfulness and optimism. ‘I am/ the sweet defender’ Kidd sings in ‘I Am’: it’s a good epithet.”

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