Press : Press for “Brace For Impact”

“Brace For Impact” is the fourth album by She Makes War, released 5th October 2018 and available on all formats here. Here are some nice things that have been written about the album – thanks to all for the support!

“It’s brash, unapologetic rock and I love it”The Independent (spotlight feature)

“twists of humour and a measure of hope…propulsive, darkly beautiful” – Kerrang! ***

fuses the sounds of Elastica and Dubstar for a delightful, mid nineties indie vibe” – The Sun ****

“an inspirational, motivating and sonically stunning record”Tap The Feed

“a delight from beginning to end. An excellent record, delicate, of great beauty.”Sound Of Violence (FR)

“Her incendiary blend of raw 90’s grunge with a more modernised indie rock sound is politically charged, brutally hard-hitting and shows off her prowess as a songwriter, musician and recording engineer.” The Modern Record

“Listen to Brace For Impact a few times and you’ll begin to appreciate the depth of songwriting talent, the humour and the constant dichotomy between self-confidence and self-loathing…She Makes War is about to make waves…because she is producing art on her terms which fits snugly with a modern social media savvy age. It’s also cos she’s a bloody great talent. Enough said.”God Is In The TV

“Along with being both brutal and beautiful, Brace For Impact is honest…Like a true hero She Makes War lets us know that even when the quiet comes, we are strong. We are more than just the people we know. The places we go. We are important for the simple fact that we are who we are. We are strong and we all have the strength to carry on.”Victim Of Sound

“Maybe existentialism and optimism theoretically shouldn’t go this well together, but by God they do…The key term defining She Makes War, it seems, is freedom; freedom to approach her work with a wide creative scope that allows her to say what she truly wants.”Hysteria