Press : Press for “Devastate Me”

Thank you Steve Lamacq, Tom Robinson, Shell Zenner and Jim Gellatly for early radio support for “Devastate Me”!

Clash Music premiered the video, saying “She Makes War is the alter ego of Laura Kidd, a songwriter whose playful yet gritty approach drives each idea to its fullest flowering.”


“powerful new single…Out in September, “Brace For Impact” marks a major shift for Laura Kidd” – Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

“This unreasonably catchy slice of riff-driven alt.rock takes its cues from the likes of Garbage and Pixies, and takes aim at “the impact of our collective online presence on our lives”…excellent dirgey grunge-pop” – Louder 1 and 2.

“a heavy, visceral new track…the stadium sized-chorus is one of She Makes War’s best yet” – Bristol Live Magazine

“A barn-storming chorus full of 90s vibes and a sense of Britpop meets Seattle…if you’re not thinking Veruca Salt, Breeders, Lush or Echobelly by the end of this then your reference points are out of whack and you might just want to get that seen to”Listen With Monger

“fiery no-nonsense Britpop attitude matched up with an explosive chorus and the sort of heaving riffage that brings to mind The Breeders, Garbage and other alt rock heroes”RW/FF

“thundering, muscular and abundantly-tuneful”The Autumn Roses

“A thrilling direction for the musician who continues to push her artistry to new levels”Tap The Feed

Thanks to everyone who voted “Devastate Me” track of the week on Louder!