Press : Press for “I Want My Country Back”

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“Kidd has found the time to make an awesome, astute, subversive, catchy, political PROTEST song. That dreaded word – our generation (Y? Z!? Millenials?!?) isn’t exactly blessed with the knack for explicit, front facing, direct lyrics, when it comes to politics. Or so the received wisdom goes. So this song, with its chugging guitars and massive melodies (hello Greenday, Weezer et al), is so very, very welcome here.”

~ Benji Tranter, Fresh On The Net

“She Makes War’s Laura Kidd is one of the key voices in indie music today.”

~ Mookychick

“Unapologetic and powerful.”

Tap The Feed

“She’s created something very special – a hard-hitting tune, dripping in riffs, that’s an ear-worm and uplifting.”

~ Kitmonsters

“Unapologetic and powerful with scathing lyrics and searing guitars that make a roaring statement – challenging the treacherous opinions and debates of the government and mainstream media.”

~ Tap The Feed

“From the opening vocal that sneers out of the shadows to the bubblegum-indie of the chorus, this is a song that evokes memories of so many indie-grunge greats like Veruca Salt, Echobelly, Lush, Breeders and Belly.”

~ Listen With Monger

“Musically, this is pure mid 90s alternative rock along the lines of Letters to Cleo and Veruca Salt gone political”

~ If It’s Too Loud

“Sardonic and sharp, its intelligence and production together ripple like muscles.”

~ The Autumn Roses