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Devastate Me

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Directed and edited by Laura Kidd, with assistance from Tim Bailey.

Feathers McGraw appears courtesy of The Grand Appeal’s Gromit Unleased II trail – donate to the Bristol Children’s Hospital charity here.

Auto Draft 4

IWMCB – Band Video (June 2017)

IWMCB - Slogan Video 1
"Stargazing" is out now - leave the planet in my brand new video + listen to the exciting new Cajita remix

Stargazing (November 2016)

Album: Direction Of Travel

Paper Thin (April 2016)

Album: Direction Of Travel

Dress Me Up - Crypt Cover with Hope And Social 1
Drown Me Out 1

Drown Me Out (March 2016)

Album: Direction Of Travel

Cold Shoulder
Slow Puncture

Slow Puncture (December 2015)

Album: Disarm:15

Delete 1

Delete (August 2013)

Album: Little Battles


Butterflies (August 2013)

Album: Little Battles


ghostsandshadows (December 2015)

Album: Disarm:15

Scared To Capsize 1

Scared To Capsize (June 2010)

Album: Disarm

Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy (March 2012)

Album: Little Battles


Minefields (October 2012)

Album: Little Battles


Olympian (October 2010)

Album: Disarm

Let This Be

Let This Be (April 2010)

Album: Disarm