Press : She Makes War In Rock Sound This Month!

Massive thanks to Marc Burrows for championing me in the latest issue of Rock Sound! And to Dina Karklina for the beautiful photo, taken on the recent shoot for the Butterflies video.

She Makes War In Rock Sound!

“Bristol’s Laura Kidd – aka She Makes War – can do delicious things on her own, having entirely self-produced two albums of DIY bedroom grunge. Most recent release ‘Little Battles’ is a triumph of gorgeous melodies, slashy guitars and processed beats. “All my songs deal with the clash between the analogue and digital worlds, she says. “Delete” is about online relationship statuses, but also the prevalence of people using loop pedals but forgetting that the important bit is the song itself”. And what songs they are.”

[NOTE – of course both my albums were expertly co-produced by Myles Clarke and I would never claim otherwise, though if self-produced in this article means writing, paying for and promoting them myself then yes, that’s true! But credit where credit’s due…always.]