Thank you for supporting this independent musical project with your time and your hard earned cash. You’re directly funding my future musical creations!

Streaming is good for finding new listeners, but it takes around 1000 streams of an album to equal one sale. I believe in creating musical moments – whether that’s through a song on a playlist or by inviting people to immerse themselves in the sonic world I create for each album – so I hope you’ll join me.

If you’d like to listen before you buy, head to the Music page to explore my back catalogue and sign up to the mailing list to receive 5 free songs by email. Handily, all physical music purchases (CD, vinyl and cassette) come with an accompanying free download.

You can buy downloads of my music from pretty much everywhere around the internet, so grab them wherever suits you best, but if you get them from me via Bandcamp there are more pennies to go towards the next release.

However you choose to listen, thank you for your time x


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