Blog : Stolen guitars update and why there isn’t going to be a fundraising drive!

0214_20140206_154516-2_001_WEBAfter overwhelming amounts of interest in my stolen bass and guitar yesterday plus floods of messages and questions I just wanted to post a quick update on the situation:

The guitars are still stolen but the internet has been wonderfully kind and shared yesterday’s blog post far and wide and the theft even got mentioned on Amazing Radio and 6 Music (thanks Marc Riley you legend you!!).

– The police have also been really nice and are doing what they can to find them. If the thieves take the guitars to a pawn shop / music shop or list them on eBay / Gumtree etc I am confident I will hear about it, and am keeping my eyes peeled.

– The guitars are insured so barring any trouble with my insurance company I’m hopeful I can be reimbursed. I’m trying not to get too sentimental about the bass, which I played some of the most exciting gigs of my life with in Viv Albertine’s band (Meltdown 2013 supporting Siouxsie Sioux, watched by Peaches and PJ Harvey / Koko supporting Wilko Johnson / and more…) and Erica Nockall’s band EN (supporting The Wonder Stuff around the UK) plus a three week tour of the UK with The Penelopes supporting The Human League. Such brilliant memories!!!!

– No I will absolutely not be setting up a fundraising pot to replace the instruments, 1) because as a professional musician I place great importance on insuring my gear (and after two burglaries and now this incident I was definitely right to spend the money) and 2) as lovely as it is that people want to help me out, there are people in this world who really need help.

Things you can do to help them:

– Look up an issue that you think is awful and needs supporting, and find a charity who do work in that area. In the past I have raised money for Refuge (domestic violence charity), Crisis (homeless charity) and War Child (charity for children affected by war). I highly recommend all three.

Things you can do to help me:

Listen to some music – I think you might like it! – and share with your friends
Sign up to my mailing list to get 5 free taster tracks
– Oh, ok, you can buy music as well if you like (if you want to be extra generous you can pay more and that extra cash will go towards funding my new album) – and there’s some nice merch stuff too (t-shirts etc)
Watch some of my videos and share with your friends
Come to one of my gigs some time – people really like them! And I’m doing an online show next Thursday – more information here.
– Stay in touch with me on Twitter and Facebook and help me spread the good word of She Makes War 🙂

Big big love
Lau xxx

One thought on “Stolen guitars update and why there isn’t going to be a fundraising drive!

  1. wil says:

    Well said. Professional & just plain kind. Seems like a rarity these days. I’m faithful what seems lost you’ll receive back tenfold. Stay wonderful!

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