Blog : Three acoustic songs for Robin Ince’s “Pragmatic Insanity”

061017 Robin Ince

Last night I was invited to perform some songs as part of Robin Ince’s standup show “Pragmatic Insanity” in Bristol. I played “Slow Puncture”, “I Want My Country Back” and “Stargazing” for a sold out room at the Tobacco Factory theatre and it was great!

I first met Robin in person in January at the Slapstick Festival at Colston Hall, where he did a rousing, heartfelt, hilarious piece on stage as an introduction to “The Great Dictator”, supported musically by the also brill Grace Petrie. A few months before he’d tweeted a link to my “Stargazing” music video quite out of the blue, a correspondence was forged and he appeared in the slogan video for my last single.

I play acoustic guitar very rarely, and usually not to a room who have paid to see something else, but I really enjoyed myself up there. Performing into the blazing anonymity of the brightest spotlight I’ve encountered since supporting Midge Ure at four theatres around the country in 2011 was fairly nervewracking, but I had a feeling Robin’s audience would appreciate “I Want My Country Back” (band video! slogan video! free download!) and they were very kind. Well done especially to those who understood my perennial European tour joke, delivered last night in German: “Mein luftkissenboot ist voller Ahle”. It killed in Brussels on Sunday too and is so fun to say: “Mon aéroglisseur est plein d’anguilles” indeed!

On the live front, tickets are going fast for “An Evening with She Makes War” in London, Birmingham and Bristol featuring full band *and* solo sets so make sure you nab yours.

I’ll be performing with Robin again in December – more details soon! In the meantime – read his excellent blog AND go and see “Pragmatic Insanity” around the country, it’s an intelligent whirlwind of belly laughs and interesting conversation and an entreaty to do brilliant things.


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