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Yesterday was a great example of a day when my “All glamour, all the time” mantra came in handy. For anyone still under the impression that the life of a touring musician is all pink fluffy clouds, constant sexual gratification and champagne will be sorely disappointed to hear that the joyful 6.50am lobby call followed by one short flight, 6 hours loitering at BA airport as the Cordoba flight got more and more delayed amidst whispered stories about three planes undergoing maintenance and a fatal crash on the same airline the day before, another short flight and a crazed, circuitous two hour van drive to the venue, all fuelled by far too little food and sleep isn’t unusual for this sort of far flung tour.

I wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for my beloved Kindle and the brilliant book “One Day” by David Nicholls which I finished on the plane to Cordoba, weeping at the beauty and sadness of the novel and weakened by exhaustion and lack of sustenance. Upon arrival in Cordoba I was offered a bottle of fizzy water and a bag of salted crackers by our driver – I could have kissed him.

I Audioboo-ed from BA airport earlier in the day with a little update on the tour so far and a word about my Pledge campaign, which stands at 75% with 25 days to go. Crossing fingers…only if I reach the 100% target do I get the fulfill any of the pledges so please tell your friends!


AND just so you know…I’m absolutely not complaining about anything on this trip, because at the end of the world’s longest Thursday I got to play a nice long set of awesome tunes with a brilliant band to a really warm, receptive, excitable crowd, which is a joy rarely matched. Right now I’m lucky enough to be in a really beautiful hotel room, nourished with a nice lunch, contemplating visiting the spa downstairs and planning my set list for tonight’s She Makes War house concert in a neighbourhood called Núñez, organised by some new but ardent SMW fans.

Swings and roundabouts, innit 🙂

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