Blog : Video Art Piece for Music For Youth – “4@40” Is Unveiled!

A few weeks ago I was commissioned by UK music charity Music For Youth to create an original video piece to act as a continuation of their annual three night Schools Prom, a glittering event held at Royal Albert Hall and bringing together talented young musical groups from across the country to perform to a packed house every night. My video was to be called “4@40” (representing the fourth night of the Prom in the 40th year of the charity), go live on MFY’s Evolve page in the evening of Thursday 11th November and give a flavour of the Prom without being a literal representation of any one group.

So I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week filming rehearsals, performances and backstage bits and bobs, editing on the fly and throwing up content to the MFY YouTube channel as I went along – an interesting experiment in dealing with HD video at high speed and only made possible by the amazingly fast wifi at RAH – working hard to ensure their online activity was maintained while the staff focused on the smooth running of an incredibly complicated event. I was so impressed by the scale of it all and how well it was run with so many groups showing up to rehearse and perform, including a massed choir of between 350 and 850 kids each day! Coaches galore!

Last night “4@40” was unveiled and I’m so proud to have been a part of such a wonderful event. Below the video are my #Vlomo10 entries for day 10 and 11, which show the run up to the completed edit and the big opening:

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