WAR IS OVERShe came, She saw, She conquered, and now She is moving on. As of the end of 2019, She Makes War will be no more. I’m breaking up with myself, forging onwards and leaving this well-worn music making moniker behind.

Short version: the upcoming 26 shows with Skating Polly and Robin Ince will be the last under the SMW name, and I’ll be launching my new record as a new project next year. It still sounds completely like me I promise. Please join my thriving online community by signing up to the mailing list – you’ll get 5 free SMW songs and 25% off all music and merch in return. Full gig info and ticket links are here. Thank you for your support!

Long version: Dreamed up by an angry, alienated 23 year old, masking her pain and loneliness with sarcasm and fighting talk, the pacifist, feminist concepts around the She Makes War name thematically fuelled my first two albums “Disarm” (2010) and “Little Battles” (2012), but the more I toured and released music, communicating with a growing army of ardent supporters, the more inappropriate it started to feel. I was no longer alone; putting my heart and soul into sharing music with those who wanted to listen introduced me to most of the key figures in my life, led me to move city 7 years ago, gave me a deep connection to thousands of open hearted people around the globe, brought invitations to share stages with my heroes and started to financially fuel the making of new music NOT TO MENTION you lovely lot put “Brace For Impact” into the real life Official Albums Chart last October!

Every time I start making a record, I ask myself a simple question: “What would this album sound like if it was my first?” I have never made music based on what I thought a SMW fan would want, and I know that’s been appreciated by my audience 1) because they’ve emailed me to say so and 2) because more than 1100 of you trusted and supported me so completely that you pre-ordered my latest album “Brace For Impact” without having heard a single note. Thank you!

In February I started writing my fifth album from scratch, and started asking myself a lot of difficult questions. What was I trying to say? Why was I trying to say it? How could I say it best? Kicking off with an exciting germ of a strong idea gave me a powerful starting point for making new music, but over the subsequent months of soul searching, reading, writing, drawing and thinking, the songs took me to an entirely different place and started effecting positive change in my physical and emotional life, my relationships and my hopes and dreams for my artistic future. In a really organic way, they led me to decide to grab this opportunity to travel onwards under a new musical sobriquet.

I’ve been told many times you love that you don’t know what my next song is going to sound like. I love that, too! As an entirely self-energising independent artist there’s no use in wasting time on art I don’t 100% believe in, and I’m thankful in the knowledge my audience are only interested in hearing the truth from me.

The album I’ve been working on all year (funded by my Supersub Club) is nearing completion, and I’m proud to say it’s my best work to date. I’m dead excited to release new music in 2020, and I hope you’ll stick with me as I start sharing work under my new name (yes, it’s a secret, and no, I’m not going to tell you what it is yet!). I’ll still always be me, Laura, a curious mix of melancholy and humour, anger and romance, light and dark, and I promise to keep putting out the most honest, thoughtful and brave music I have inside me long into the future.

I’m not going anywhere, though I will be taking a major break from live performance after this last run of dates. I’m really very tired, physically and emotionally, but am looking forward to spending time with some of you on the road in Germany, France and the UK in October and November. See below for the full list of dates, and find ticket links at – London people, The Lexington is very close to selling out so please hurry!


And so, the LAST EVER She Makes War gigs are as follows – it really would be wonderful to share an evening with you celebrating the music I’ve made over the last decade before I take a significant live leave of absence.

Visit for full info and ticket links xo


(Solo dates supporting Skating Polly)

Fri 4th – Hamburg, Stellwerk
Sat 5th – Nuremberg, Kantine
Tue 8th – Karlsruhe, KOHI
Wed 9th – Lyon, Le Trokson
Thu 10th – Saint-Etienne, Disorder Club
Fri 11th – Paris, Supersonic
Sat 12th – Montbeliard, Atelier des Moles

(Band dates, co-headline with Skating Polly, full 50 minute set)

Mon 14th – Manchester, Gullivers – SOLD OUT!
Tue 15th – Newcastle, The Cluny
Wed 16th – Glasgow, Broadcast
Thu 17th – Nottingham, Beta (at Rock City)
Fri 18th – London, The Lexington – LOW TICKET ALERT
Sat 19th – Cardiff, Swn Festival
Sun 20th – Birmingham, Hare & Hounds


(Solo dates supporting Robin Ince)

Sat 2nd – Shoreham by Sea, Ropetackle Arts Centre
Wed 6th – Exeter, Phoenix
Thu 7th – Aldershot, West End Centre – SOLD OUT
Fri 8th – Canterbury, The Marlowe Theatre
Sat 9th – Southampton, Hangar Farm Arts Centre
Thu 14th – Corsham, Pound Arts Centre – SOLD OUT

Fri 15th – Oxted, United Reformed Church

(Solo dates supporting Robin Ince)

Sat 16th – Cambridge, The Junction
Fri 22nd – Otley Courthouse


Sun 1st – Cardiff, Chapter Arts Centre – SOLD OUT
Sat 21st – London, King’s Place – Nine Lessons & Carols for Curious People


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Why not come to a gig some time? The last run of She Makes War gigs are taking me around Germany, France and the UK in October and November 2019.

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Thanks for supporting me!

26 thoughts on “WAR IS OVER

  1. Paul says:

    Crikey! That is huge news, but am massively happy that you’re not jacking it in altogether (am glad I read the post rather than just panicking at the headline).

    Good luck with everything – glad I got tickets to see you on the forthcoming tour now – cannot wait for the album, and will look forward to your new endeavours next year (or whenever 🙂

  2. John V says:

    Wow, this is exciting for you and for us. Look forward to hearing more in the near future and will be supporting your music regardless of the name. Thanks for being honest to yourself and your fans.

  3. Jude says:

    Such exciting times. So glad you sound so happy and positive about the way your journey is progressing and I’m delighted to be able to keep watching, listening and following what you do next. Not sure we’ll make any of the last SMW dates but loved our trip to Bristol and look forward to the first chance to see you with the new persona.
    Also, Otley but not Bloomfield Square! Crikey

  4. Tom C says:

    I’m so looking forward to the new album and whatever the new sound might be (I’m betting it’ll still be all you!). Enjoy your tour and I’ll be watching your twitter feed from here in the US to vicariously enjoy your shows.

  5. M says:

    Good for you, knowing your own mind is an underrated attribute. Might not make it along for another final show this year, in which case see you somewhere down the road.

  6. Neil Larrisey says:

    I will admit to seeing “War Is Over” and my first thought was “Oh, a John Lennon cover for Christmas! Lovely!”
    I can’t help it, I’m from Merseyside, our first thought is always Beatles related.
    Then I clicked and my heart sank.
    Then I read the blog.
    My heart lifted.

    I will support you forever and a day and wish you all the best in your new endeavour. Rest assured I will be buying it and making you sign it when I see you.

  7. Dietmar says:

    In Germany the saying goes “Namen sind Schall und Rauch” … loosely translated “names are sound and smoke” … I will be happily supporting you and your music under any moniker and I am very much looking forward to your next album!

  8. Matt says:

    Lawks! That’s massive news but a very brave and utterly commendable break. So glad to have seen you headline as SMW at Thekla and Crofters Rights, am really excited for your new journey and future musical forays. You have such a strong heart and love for what you do that War is Over makes the most perfect sense. Go you, Laura!

  9. Teffy Wrightson says:

    Good luck with whatever new name you choose! I can imagine it’s the right thing to do at this stage of your career. I’m a little disappointed though, I thought the big news might be that there was a baby on the way!

  10. Chris says:

    I was a latecomer to the war but have seen and read enough to know that you are sure to be positive in whatever you do. I won’t be able to get to the final dates but look forward to being in at the start of your next journey. Wishing you all the luck in the world.

  11. Ian H says:

    All very exciting and good luck with your new venture. Fingers crossed, it’s not a certainty, but it looks like I will be able to get to your Hare And Hounds gig. I’m glad that I should be able to see SMW live before you metamorphose.

  12. Collin Avis says:

    Life is all about change. Looking forward to your music no matter what name you use. Thank you for the music so far.

  13. Chris W says:

    Oh no, are you not supporting The Anchoress anymore? I bought the ticket to see you!

    1. Tim says:

      Hey Chris – you can get a refund as a) the date changed and b) Laura is not playing the new date. Contact your point of purchase

  14. Michael says:

    You scared the crap outta me! So glad you’re not hanging up your uke though! Best of luck in your continuing/new ventures! Can’t wait to hear!

  15. G says:

    Peace – and love 🙂

  16. dan delor says:

    Wow Lau!

    This sounds really exciting for you and I think it’s great that you’re prepared to ‘shed your skin’ to better represent what you want to say and how you express what you feel. All power to your elbow! Looking forward to hearing your new offerings – Go for it!

    dan xx

  17. Prettygreenparrot says:

    That is startling news. Exciting that you have decided on a change. And that you’re taking a break from touring/live work. You seem to have been nearly everywhere most weeks recently.

    Looking forward to your Manchester gig next week. And to your new and new-names release next year.

  18. Cath Stone says:

    I’m feeling very excited about the forthcoming album, and the reveal of your new name in 2020.
    So glad we got Manchester tickets…all 4 Stones will be there ☺
    It’s been amazing following your journey since the Hope and Social garden party!!! Will definitely be sticking with you for the next however many years. See you next week xx

  19. Graham Whatley says:

    Still don’t quite get it, but perhaps once the new name is revealed the reasons will become clearer. Beth Jeans Houghton ‘became’ Du Blonde and all was good there. And at least you’re still making music; that is by far the most important thing. Btw: I’ll be at Nottingham next week – looking forward to it.

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