Blog : Watch the new “I Want My Country Back” slogan video now!

Dear friends

I’m very pleased to present the first of two videos for my new single “I Want My Country Back”, dedicated entirely to the personal messages of the 68 people (and one cat) who wanted to be a part of this project.

I’d massively appreciate you sharing it – thank you for your support!

A free download of the song will be available until 8th June and you can find streaming links, lyrics and more about the song there too.

When I recently invited people to send in videos of themselves holding up angry or compassionate slogans, I never expected such an incredible response. I was hoping to add a few clips to the footage from the official video shoot (see below for a teaser), but when they came flooding in it was clear they’d need their own video!

I invited people to participate in the video because the song isn’t about me – everyone’s voice deserves to be heard, in the same way that everyone’s vote should be respected. The video is a who’s who of excellent people – see who you can spot!

I released the song because I feel it’s so important to share these sorts of messages in these uncertain times. We may feel unrepresented by the people in charge, but we can still care for one another and find strength in compassionate numbers.

I hope you enjoy watching, thank you so much for your support.

Laura xo

IWMCB Set Photo


One thought on “Watch the new “I Want My Country Back” slogan video now!

  1. Ste says:

    I agree we can still be compassionate and mass lines of people outside foodbanks does help to make people realise the suffering others are going through especially when they are on your doorstep. When those in the lines are friends, students and professionals such as nurses then this brings it home even more. People who are working and their wages no longer meet the demands of increase costs of living. When they are people with disabilities who are working, due to means testing no longer qualify and so can no longer survive on that poor wage as the benefits that kept them going and contributing to societies wealth. are no longer there. All helps with compassion and the belief that we need to strive and help people. The part which beggars belief is when those 30% of the wealthiest line their pockets even more by evading 30% of the taxes they owe, where is their compassion it is not supporting nurses, our NHS, students, schools, people with disabilities, social housing, social care and the economy. Those 30% spend and invest most of their wealth outside of the country., Think local support and be compassionate about the majority the people who really need it!

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