Blog : Why my album trending in the top 10 artists WORLDWIDE on PledgeMusic matters so much

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I have tears pricking the backs of my eyes as I write this, and not only because I’ve been suffering my way through a heavy cold all weekend, which has turned me into a whingey whiney sofa monster. *ATCHOO*

Late on Saturday night Dan Chisholm, a dear supporter who has his own excellent regional BBC Radio show, sent me the screenshot above which showed the photo I took of myself on the set of the “Stargazing” video last year (for set read back bedroom of my house, where I write all my songs) underneath a photo of JOAN OSBORNE. Yes, *that* Joan Osborne, the “what if God was one of us” Joan Osborne. Why was my photo underneath Joan Osborne’s? Because, due to 334 brilliant individuals taking a chance on an album they haven’t heard yet, and pledging their hard earned cash to support my musical dream, my PledgeMusic campaign was trending in the top 10 artists worldwide.

At the time of writing it’s *still* trending in the top 10 artists worldwide, alongside Sophie Ellis Bextor, Steps, Shed Seven, The Wombats, Delphia, OMD, The Rifles, Sara Groves, Jimmy Buffet, American Aquarium and Shawn Mullins. I’m confident you’ll have heard of at least 50% of those artists. But have you heard of She Makes War?


This afternoon I shared this latest image online, not in a self congratulatory way but to say look world, look what hard work and perseverance can do! I make music in, around or alongside an industry that rewards the brand new, the hip, the they-think-it-will-sell-because-it-sounds-a-bit-like-that-other-band-who-were-massive, and by releasing three albums under my own steam and prioritising touring and engaging with my audience over playing confusing, no-rulebook games I have found myself in my own personal no man’s land.

I currently have no manager, no label, no press person, no anything – at the moment it’s just me and my fiancé Tim working together to “do amazing things with good hearts”. I’m making the music that I’ve always wanted to make and figuring out the best ways to communicate with the people who appreciate that and he’s helping me spread the word in an organic way and looking after the dogs single-handedly when I’m on tour. Moments like this trending worldwide thing and when we got radio plays last year by sending good old-fashioned CDs in the good old-fashioned post (THANK YOU Tom Robinson, Marc Riley, Steve Lamacq, Lauren Laverne, Alex Baker, John Kennedy, Shell Zenner and BBC Intro West!) give me incontrovertible evidence that my approach to all this is working, plus give me an excuse to use the word incontrovertible in a blog post. Double score!

J&J bass bw

After spending the last year with my head down creating new music, not gigging much and not having much to share with my fans, I was feeling pretty disconnected. “Why would anyone even want to hear my new music?” is one of the many self deprecating, whiney questions I’m sure all (good) artists ask themselves, regardless of the confident exterior they may present, so launching the new album Pledge campaign last Thursday and seeing name after name pop into my inbox was a massive, heartwarming relief, as was the news earlier today that all three of my December headline shows are nearly sold out (update: Bristol is now SOLD OUT).

334 pledges in 4 days means 334 votes of confidence in me and my music, 334 people who don’t need to wait to be told what to buy, who don’t look at billboards for new music tips, who don’t need to wait for a group of their friends to agree that yes, this band is worth listening to. They simply don’t care what the A&R people think is new, fresh, cool, and set to be the Next Big Thing. There are a lot more than 335 of these independently minded people out there, and that knowledge gives me such a boost. My quest in life is to find those people!

Since releasing my second album in 2012 my goal has always been to build a good team of people around this musical project to give my albums the best chance to reach the most people. If you have something to offer, I’m available for a chat.

But in the meantime, I’m more interested…will you be pledger 335?


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13 thoughts on “Why my album trending in the top 10 artists WORLDWIDE on PledgeMusic matters so much

  1. Ryan says:

    I have only heard of Jimmy Buffet but I had no problems ordering your new album

    1. Laura Kidd says:

      That’s because you’re great, thank you!! xo

  2. I have been serious about music since 1979 (first album and gig were that year) and in all that time I can count the number of artists (seen as support initially) that have just blown me away at first listen on one hand: and you are one of them. Never doubt.

    I, as just one of 334 pledgers can’t wait.

    1. Laura Kidd says:

      Oh wow, thank you Ian! I’m just pleased all the supports you weren’t into didn’t put you off giving me a try the first time 🙂

      Thanks so much for supporting me xo

  3. Michael says:

    Funny that you should feel disconnected — I’ve never stopped marveling at your sheer volume of output! The photos, the tweeting, the blogging, and always on the go it seems. More than once I’ve said,m to myself, “How does she have time to write and record music when she spends so much necessary time promoting?” You amaze me!

    Still holding onto the hope that someday you’ll have an opportunity to play stateside….

    1. Laura Kidd says:

      You’re very kind! I’ve certainly made an effort to blog more recently; all these ephemeral social media posts don’t give the same feeling of satisfaction as a nice piece of writing does. Thank you for following me along the way!

  4. james says:

    Having to time pledging around wages and bills (austerity is literally killing people here up North, and times are bloody hard) but we will. We wish you the best, and can’t wait to see you play again somewhere on the road to Wigan Pier 🙂

    1. Laura Kidd says:

      James, you’re so right – I’m very aware that times are tough for people and that makes it very hard to ask them to spare their pennies for what, in the grand scheme of life, is just another album. That’s why I’m super appreciative of those that do, and completely understanding of those who can’t. Eventually the album will of course be available to stream and what have you, and I’m cool with that because I don’t think there should be barriers to people being able to access art and music and storytelling and all the good stuff, but what makes it possible for those things to be made is early support from those who can afford to pay. I just feel thankful that people want to listen, and I’ll make damn sure everyone is able to when the time is right.

      Thanks so much for commenting x

  5. Paul McGreal says:

    Back in the day, apart from the Evening Session (gawd bless Jo and Steve, they were a portal to the whole world back then), the only way I found out about new music really was going to gigs – either on recommendation of the music press, or more likely, catching support acts (down the years got introduced to Longpigs, Embrace, Cast, Shed 7, Tim Ten Yen, just by seeing them as support), Nowadays, it’s so much easier to come across new bands – Spofity (with it’s bizarre algorithms – “I see you like Cradle Of Filth, you’ll also like Shakira!”), social media etc, but easier for bands to get lost in noise.

    I would have absolutely loved Pledgemusic back then (and would probably still be paying off loads of limited edition poster bags coloured vinyl deleted on day of release 9″ EPs), and I think its important in keeping new music chugging along. There are loads of bands I’ve seen once or twice, and often wondered what happened to them, I guess somewhere along the line real life happens, and they just drift away from writing/performing/releasing stuff, and it’s a massive shame. So, having the chance to keep musicians like yourself funded, and able to release music without forcing you to live on toast for all of eternity, does give a warm fuzzy feeling tbh – the world is crap enough today, so the release of listening to music (live or on some kind of new-fangled musical device) is one of the nicest pleasures you can get.

    Can’t now remember how I came across your music – I’m guessing there was some kind of Belly-related angle – but have always had your tunes pottering away in the background. As you get older, with bills and families and life in general, it’s harder to get to gigs, so I was massively grateful to have caught your set at AYLFest the other week – the live experience is still king (and the Guinness in the Oakford was absolutely superb tbf), but in the absence of that, then interactions through here, and the Pledgemusic site are, without question the next best thing.

    1. Laura Kidd says:

      Thanks so much Paul! Sooooooo many bands have to stop making music due to finances, real life etc, so it’s a great privilege to know there are so many generous people out there like yourself supporting this new album. Thank you! I’m very jealous that you got to see Longpigs live, they’re one of my absolute faves! Hope to see you at another show later in the year x

  6. Toby O'Neil says:

    My wife and I saw you play at the Amanda Palmer party the other week and thought you were great (looper or not)! First album now bought (physical object arrived this morning) and (much) more left to buy…

    There’s lots of great musicians out there who never get radio play and discovering them seems to be the hardest part. I’m glad we found you!

  7. Laura Kidd says:

    Oh thank you Toby!! Those two shows were an absolute dream for me, it’s wonderful to hear you and your wife liked what you heard. Happy listening, there’s a fair bit to discover now you’ve had your first SMW experience 🙂

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