And Peace

And Peace
  1. Scared To Capsize
  2. Drown Me Out
  3. A-Hole
  4. Paper Thin
  5. Delete
  6. In This Boat
  7. Undone
  8. Dear Heart

A brand new eight track retrospective featuring fan favourites from all four She Makes War albums, lovingly re-recorded in a stripped back, intimate fashion at The Launchpad.

As the SMW project draws to a close, I want to celebrate a decade of independent music making with the community who have encouraged me throughout the years. I’m so proud of the music I’ve made so far and so thankful for your ears and hearts! I put the choice of songs to a public vote in the summer, and thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend some time creating these new arrangements for you. Thank you x

Produced, performed and recorded by Laura Kidd.
Mixed by Steve Kilpatrick.
Artwork by Alex Tillbrook.